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my dream came true4444亚洲人成无码网在线观看

This will be a first for me. I think all the stories I've ever written about me in panties  and lingerie, had to be about me submitting to men. This morning I remembered a fantasy I told a friend in high school about a girl I really liked.I attended a private school where we had to wear uniforms. Guys wore grey slacks, white shirts and maroon loafers. The girls wore the same white shirts and green pleated knee length skirts, knee high socks and black and white Saddle Oxford shoes. I lived a very protected life and was never told about sex, so sneaking my mom's and sister's panties and bras... managed to stay off their radar. I eventually rode my bike to various stores and bought my own satin bikini panties and a few nylon low rise briefs and would wear them to school under my uniform. I would take them off in the bathroom before PE so no one would see them in the locker room.I was shy and didn't talk much to girls though I was insanely attracted to them. I had looked at a few playboy magazines a few times at a friends house, but had no idea why I liked them. I often dreamed about getting to wear the girls skirts and wondered what it would be like to have open access down there all day or if a boy could catch a glimpse up my skirt and see what color panties I was wearing that day. I always looked when I dropped a pencil on the floor and tried scanning the classroom from under the desks. Honestly most girls wore their PE shorts under the skirts because they were itchy. I had tried on my sister's skirts a few times  long enough to look at myself in the mirror but not long enough to wear them around and feel the fabric. I had slept in some of her satin or nylon nightgowns and slips when everyone was out of the house. Boy that's a long back story but true history.My fantasy starts with me walking home from school since I lived close by. Valerie, who was a year older than me, was driving already and stopped by the sidewalk and asked if I would like a ride. I said sure and got in. Valrie was cute but nerdy and a late bloomer and got teased a lot, but I liked her and ran in cross country with her. She asked if I had to go straight home or if I could come over to her house. I said I could go to her place, my parents were at work. I had never been to a girl's house before and her mom was still at work. I was innocent and didn't think anything of it and the fact that I was wearing a pair of pink nylon briefs completely left my mind. When we got to her house we went to her bedroom, it was kind of messy but I liked girls' clothes and hers were scattered about and I enjoyed looking around. I was only used to seeing the girls I knew in uniform. I secretly wanted to ask if I could try on her clothes but I assumed I would get slapped or called a freak and maybe she would blab to everyone at school, so I kept quiet. We sat on the bed and talked about random stuff and people from school and small talk. Then out of no where she asked if I had ever had sex, and I nervously said no.  She said "Neither have  I. Have you ever seen a girl nude other than in magazines?" I said I saw a woman's breast once when she was changing shirts on a bus, but that was it. She asked if I would like to see her, and in my terror of the unknown, I muttered out a sheepish yes. She could tell I was nervous and afraid. Valerie began to unbutton her shirt and untucked it from her skirt.  My mind was racing, I've seen girls in bikinis at pool parties. Why was this so different?  This was bras and panties. I'm sure the look on my face was stupid as her shirt opened up exposing her white satin Warner's bra like my sister wore. She didn't have much in the way of breasts but they were still breasts with satin around them. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her knee highs then got off the bed to stand up. Reached to the side and un clasped the waistband of her skirt and then unzipped it and let the green plaid pleated skirt I've always wanted to see under, fall to the floor. There it was, my dream came true, not just a girl in the Sunday morning papers advertisements for bras and panties at Sears and JCPenney. this was the real thing. She had on a simple white pair of nylon floral panties. Little pink and blue and yellow flowers all over.I know she was getting a kick out of me drooling and in shock seeing my first real girl in panties and bra. She turned around for me so I could see her back side and the panties wedged in her ass and caressing the soft roundness of each cheek. Then back front so I could see the mound that her hair and  vagina made in the panties. Valerie walked towards me and said I could touch and only touch. I reached out and felt the satin bra and cupped it as it cupped her breast. I was insanely hard in my pants and was squirming as she could probably tell. I ran my fingers along the bra straps and the satin webbing on the sides and then slid my hands down her sides to her hips and she shuddered and shook and the hair on her body stood up. Then at long last I get to feel a woman's ass and mound covered in satin and it was heaven. Her young skin was like silk and the nylon just made it more exciting. She shuttered again when I gently slid my hand from the waist band of the front of her panty, down the front and over the mound and between her legs and back again. Then she stepped back and said I know it's cruel, but that's enough for now."You're going to keep today a secret aren't you?" She asked. and I replied yes of course. I don't think anyone would believe me anyhow. "Well I have a secret I know about you,玩弄chinese丰满人妻videos so I know that's why you'll keep this all quiet." She said. Oh my god, I was terrified, what did she know? How could she know.?  Valerie grinned and asked if I knew what VPL stood for and I said no. "Visible panty lines" she replied, "and you seem to have them often. Guy's briefs or boxers don't make panty lines."  She also said that two weeks ago I helped her make up her mind about today's events.  During running practice I was sitting on the ground with my legs spread and my feet together while stretching before running. "Remember I was standing there talking to you? I could see yellow satin panties up the leg of your shorts". "Then while we were running, I was behind you some of the time and could definitely tell the steep panty lines going up your ass cheeks and the thick hem satin panties make, pressing against your tight shorts." "Oh I wanted to grab your ass so badly," she said.She had me stand up and told me it was my turn to get undressed. She could tell I was hard as a rock and my cock was busting through my panties and slacks.  I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt and then undid my belt and button and zipper and tried to take off my panites with the pants but she scolded me ,"NO leave the panties on! That's the whole reason I have you here." There I stood in this girl's room with nothing on but a pink pair of panties with my erection pitching a tent against the tight fabric. "Ohhh that's sexy" she said, "you look better in panties than most girls do". She started digging through a pile of clothes on the floor and pulled out a bra. It was white satin Vanity Fair and had lace along the top edges of the cup. I loved this bra. I could always tell when she wore it under her white school blouse. I loved seeing the lace outlined through the blouse. The girls could only wear white bras because any other color would show through . "I always see you staring at my shirt when I wear this bra, I know you like the lace" She said. "Put it on."  She handed me the bra and I stuck my arms through the straps and reached behind me to fasten it. "Ahh, I see you've had plenty of practice" she giggled. She came close and pulled down on the cups and adjusted the straps so the bra would fit correctly and then she rubbed my nipples through the satin. I almost passed out. "Feels good doesn't it?" She asked " Some days you see my nipples pushing out. Sometimes it's cold or I'm horny and love the satin on them., just like you do."Valerie grabbed a short slip and had me pull it over myself. "This way that wool skirt won't itch your legs". It went down to just above my knees. Then she handed me her school blouse and had me put it on. It was awkward because the buttons were reversed. After I had it buttoned, she handed me her skirt. I knew how it worked since I wore my sisters before. I tucked the blouse in and zipped up the skirt and snapped the clasp. "Oh you look amazing and sexy. Do you feel sexy? Do you wish you could go to school like this? What would the boys do to you? "She came close and put her hands on my ass and made all the clothes slide around the nylon slip on the nylon panties . I didn't know how much longer I would last. She reached under the skirt and pulled my panties down. "I bet you would love going to school with no panties on. Just a skirt and slip." She said .with no panties to hold my cock back, the skirt now stood up and out. She reached down and gently touched me like she let me touch her through the skirt and slip. She lightly grabbed the combination around my cock and gently tugged up and down  and that's all it took. Cum was shooting out of me like never before. I had to put one hand on the bed to hold myself up. I thought I would never stop cumming and she just stood there in amazement giggling. I was the first guy she ever made cum. The slip was soaked and sticking to my cock and I could feel cum dripping down onto my feet and a nice wet stain began to appear on her skirt. "Oh what a mess I have to clean up now before mom gets home." She laughed. I fell back into the bean bag on the floor and just relished in the afterglow.  She slipped into some denim shorts and a t- shirt and went to the kitchen for some sodas and came back. She said I could sit there and stay dressed for as long as I wanted  or until it was time for me to go home. I sat with her for another hour just visiting while the cum dried on my legs and the slip and skirt started to dry out. I eventually peeled off her clothes and put my panties and uniform back on. She asked if we could do it again. Next time it wouldn't be school clothes, maybe a nice dress if I liked. She handed me a pair of baby blue satin bikinis that she had worn the day before. 'Here I want you to wear these to school tomorrow" she said. And I gladly obliged.She gave me a ride home and asked if she could pick me up in the morning to make sure I was wearing her panties.

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